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Hi.  Welcome to my blog!
I am Samantha. Wife to Willem, for the past 27 wonderful years.  Mom of two grown up sons.  We live off-grid on a small plot of ground 10 kms outside of the mining village of Karibib, Namibia. We try to grow as much of our own food as possible, and live a simple life.
Dad always loved writing and cooking, and photography. He had many articles and photographs published over the years, and always entertained us at home with many a wonderfully prepared, home-cooked meal!
His last stories (actually letters) were published just a few months before he passed away, at 94 years of age!  For these he won a beautiful jewelry hamper for Mom, as well as a digital camera. His desire was to photograph delicious food and write about the preparation and cooking thereof.
My aim, with this blog, is to take up his idea, but also incorporate growing your own food, as that is one of my passions.  I love walking thru our garden and picking the food which we will be enjoying in a few hours.  From my garden to my table.
Please enjoy this journey with me...

Mom and Dad in 2010