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Monday, 31 October 2016

Sun-dried Tomatoes

These are the easiest to make yourself and absolutely delicious!

It's so strange, but if you search for "sun-dried tomatoes" on the web, the first instruction is - turn on your oven.  Well - NOT in Namibia, probably not in all of Africa!  Here, our sun-dried tomatoes, truly are SUN-dried!

Here are our tomatoes, fresh from the garden.

All shapes and sizes - just make sure they are fresh and cut out any bad spots. I prefer to also cut out the little hard stem area. It's not a necessity, but I prefer them without that little hard bit.


* tomatoes
* coarse salt
* olive oil, for storage


* wash your tomatoes
* cut out any bad spots and the stem
* cut into quarters
* evenly space on a large board
* give a light sprinkle of salt
* cover with a net or gauze
* put out in a sunny spot

Depending on the weather, they should be ready to enjoy in 3 to 4 days!

You can see how they shrink once dried.

Now you can store them - either dry, or in jars of olive oil.

I prefer the olive oil, but they don't last for months and months like this.  I never found that to be a problem, because we eat them long before they have time to go bad!

The jars make lovely gifts too.

Use these delicious home made, sun dried tomatoes in your salads, with biscuits and cheese, on top of your home made bread....