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Monday, 12 September 2016

Sam's Garden Salad

One of my favourite things to do, after a long, busy day, is to wander thru my garden picking "dinner". I have learned to use whatever is in season, or whatever will grow in my garden.

Following are some photos of what we have at the moment.

From top to bottom we have:

RAPE - (isn't it time someone gave this versatile green a new name!?) cut up small, but not the stem!

BEET - I use both the beet and the leaves; beet cut into matchsticks, leaves into strips

SPINACH - mix of various types; cut or tear into smaller pieces

COS LETTUCE - tear or cut into bite size pieces

NASTURTIUM LEAVES & FLOWERS - lovely slightly peppery taste, and the flowers are beautiful and edible!

PEAS - the larger ones I open and pop them in raw; if they're still small, I just put them in whole (mange touts)

RADISH -  slice them up thinly; haven't yet been adventurous enough to use the leaves, although I hear they are edible too

MUSTARD LEAF - this one I cut up really finely; adds flavour without being overpowering

ROCKET/ARUGULA - tear into bite sizes

DANDELION LEAVES - only the young ones are tender

TOMATOES - did you know that green tomatoes have the same nutritional value as ripe ones?  I like to add green ones for added crunch. They give the texture and look of cucumber, which is late coming up this year

ONION GREENS - snip them in with a scissors

DILL - tear into salad

BUTTERNUT FLOWERS - delicious when sliced into fine ribbons and added as edible decoration

HERBS - parsley, mint, salt bush, spekboom, alfalfa flowers

Remember to wash any produce well.  I soak mine for about 10 minutes in salt water or vinegar water, then give it a quick rinse and dry.

And here is the completed dish!  I added some feta, and a handful of raisins, for some sweetness. If I have carrots growing I would grate one in too.  A peeled and chopped apple also gives added sweetness and crunch.

Topped with your favourite dressing, you have a delicious meal or accompaniment.

NEXT WEEK - easy mayonnaise, in 2 minutes - with photos!